Online Dating Tips: Harvard Brains to Fill Your Heart

Published: 07th June 2011
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Anyone can give you advice. But not all advice is good advice is it?

Hereís a piece of sound advice for what itís worth: Itís best to actually take advice from smart people (or at least those who are smart on the particular subject matter you are exploring). Having said that, here are some tips for online dating success from smart folks. They are Harvard University math majors.

These brainiacs also happen to double as online dating bloggers for Ok Trends, an online dating site which collects more than 7 million visitors each month.
Roughly every six weeks they sort through all of the online dating data they gather. It comes from more than ten million people who are active or at least interested in online dating. Then they analyze the data and see what interesting trends or statistics emerge. The last part of the process is they publicly report their findings. Here is the latest report.

About Women in Online Dating

The Harvard mathematician bloggers instructed women to flirt with the camera for display on their online dating profile photo. If the woman made what they labeled as a "flirty-face", their research shows she received on average 1.5 additional messages per month than those who did not. They said this is because a woman's smile happens to be rather well-established sign of her degree of sexual interest.

The data compiled in this report also indicated that women who showcasing cleavage in photos had better results. The reported rate of success improved vastly as they got older. On average, an 18-year-old girl with a cleavage shot in her online dating profile attracted 24% more contacts per month than those who didnít have cleavage or kept it under wraps. Jumping up to women aged 32. If they drew attention to their breasts in a photo, their online dating profile drew 79% more interest than those who covered up or buttoned up. The old adage seems to apply to older women in online dating - "Smoke em if you got em."

About Men in Online Dating

The advice given by the Harvard mathematician online dating bloggers to the women was much different than the guidance they gave to the men. Males were told to appear as being aloof on camera for their online dating profiles. Apparently nice guys do finish last.

When they followed orders and appeared hard to get or disinterested, the researchers found these men had a roughly 90 per cent success rate with their emails than the fellas who acted friendly. Wow. There is evidence to suggest that men who are high in status smile less. Also, women can also interpret smiling in men as a sign of submissiveness. Perhaps nice guys really do finish last.

Unlike the higher rate of success for aging women showing their stuff, the opposite was actually true for men. The male online daters can show off their six pack abs in online dating profile photos, but it only works to their benefit if they are young. This implies the older men get, the more their wallet matters than their physique.
So guys, go ahead and have that extra beer and slice of long as you have the money to pay for it.

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